Center for Vascular Health – Safe and effective evaluation and treatment for vascular conditions

Radiology Associates of Ocala’s Center for Vascular Health (CVH) is a state-of-the-art division that provides a full spectrum of quality evaluation and treatment of vascular conditions and certain non-vascular diseases. Physicians throughout Marion County confidently refer their patients to CVH to diagnose and treat in-office, and, when surgery is required, at Munroe Regional Medical Center and Ocala Regional Medical Center.

CVH’s team of board certified interventional radiologists specialize in diagnosing, evaluating and treating a variety of conditions. One of the most common treatments is to address varicose veins. “Varicose vein treatment used to require a trip to the hospital,” says Dr. John Scales. “Now most patients can be diagnosed in our office through painless ultrasound screening. We shrink the vein using minimally invasive endovascular laser ablation, in which heat is delivered to the varicosity to seal it off. It is safe, quick and permanent.” CVH also offers phlebectomy, a procedure that utilizes a specialized instrument to remove a diseased vein through a small topical incision. Phlebectomies are outpatient procedures.

CVH also provides monitoring and treatments of more serious health concerns by performing arterial catheterizations (angiograms), assess vascular and pulmonary conditions, and treat a wide variety of vascular conditions including arteriovenous malformations (AVMs). The doctors and technologists have a variety of image-guided methods for infusaport catheter placement for chemotherapy, non-invasive evaluations of heart vessels, and arterial analysis of carotid and renal arteries, using a non-invasive technology called computed tomography angiogram (CTA). “We perform non-invasive vascular analyses and catheterizations that used to demand open surgery,” says Dr. David McKay. “The advances we employ significantly reduce risk, downtime and discomfort.”

“Our interventional radiologists can also treat certain tumors using today’s most technologically advanced procedures,” says Phil Berardi, PA, who says certain types of tumors can be destroyed using electrical currents (radiofrequency ablation), freezing (cryoblation) or alcohol ablation. CVH also treats liver tumors using transarterial chemoembolization, or TACE. “TACE uses a catheter to deliver chemotherapy directly to tumors within the liver,” says Dr. Rolando Prieto. “Because it is a targeted approach, patients can avoid many of the unpleasant and sometimes-adverse side effects of traditional chemo.”

Of particular interest to many women is a procedure known as uterine artery embolization, or UFE, which is used to treat fibroids in the uterus. “For women who experience heavy bleeding and pain due to fibroids, this process can be life-changing,” says Dr. Caleb Rivera, who uses real-time X-ray imaging to guide a catheter to the arteries supplying the fibroid so they can be sealed off, starving the fibroid until it shrinks.

CVH also features several non-vascular treatments to address the pain caused by compression fractures of the vertebrae. Says Dr. Malcolm Williamson, “We perform vertebroplasty, where we augment the damaged vertebra with a stabilizing bone cement, and kyphoplasty, which first uses a balloon to separate and restore collapsed vertebrae before a thicker cement is introduced.” CVH offers specific pain management treatments, including epidural steroid injections, selective nerve root blocks, SI joint/facet injections and discograms, all of which can greatly reduce vertebral and radiating pain without surgery.

For the most advanced interventional care for vascular and many other health conditions, CVH provides unparalleled experience, training and technology, and a team of doctors dedicated to promoting good health and a better quality of life.


We take your trust and care to heart. That’s why we maintain ongoing accreditation in key diagnostic services from the American College of Radiology, so you can feel confident regarding the safety and accuracy of your care.