Dr. Kareem Bohsali Earns Important Vascular & Interventional Certification

Radiology Associates of Ocala is proud to announce that Kareem Bohsali, MD has earned an Initial Certification in Vascular and Interventional Radiology (VIR) from the American Board of Radiology. The VIR subspecialty certificate is awarded to candidates certified in diagnostic radiology who demonstrate that they possess the necessary knowledge, understanding and problem-solving skills to merit the trust of the public and the medical profession, and can apply their additional qualifications and skills to treat patients and assist other clinicians safely and effectively.

Dr. Bohsali’s VIR subspecialty certification verifies that he has met or exceeded specific performance standards and achieved a level of excellence in the field. In order to maintain certification, doctors must undergo an annual reevaluation by the American Board of Radiology of their skills and prove participation in a personalized continuing education program.

“When patients require or request interventional radiology treatments, they want to know their doctor is committed to long-term success in their care,” says Dr. Bohsali. “I’m honor-bound to designate additional ongoing hours to graduate study and clinical work to provide an extra level of trust to patients. It is important to me both professionally and personally.”

Dr. Bohsali earned his medical degree from the University of Florida and a fellowship in vascular/interventional radiology from Indiana University Medical Center. He is Board Certified in diagnostic radiology by the American College of Radiology, and subspecializes in vascular and interventional radiology. Dr. Bohsali treats patients at RAO’s Center for Vascular Health performing a variety of services, including varicose veins treatments, catheterizations, tumor ablation, uterine artery embolization and more.


We take your trust and care to heart. That’s why we maintain ongoing accreditation in key diagnostic services from the American College of Radiology, so you can feel confident regarding the safety and accuracy of your care.