What is CT Enterography?

CT Enterography is a diagnostic exam using CT technology, specifically used in evaluating small bowel disorders, especially Chrohn’s disease and small bowel cancers. CT Enterography combines a CT scan with oral contrast to image the small bowel. This can help your health care provider determine a diagnosis and potential therapies that maybe used in your treatment.

Where is CT Enterography offered?

Radiology Associates of Ocala offers CT Enterography at two convenient locations: Medical Imaging Center and TimberRidge Imaging Center.

What to Expect

You will be asked to arrive at least one hour prior to your exam and required to drink an oral contrast agent in timed intervals prior to the exam. Once this is complete, you will begin your exam by lying on the CT scan table with your arms resting above your head. You will then be given contrast material through the intravenous (IV) line that was placed earlier. You may feel a brief warm sensation after the contrast material is injected.

You may be asked to hold your breath during the scanning.

Once the scanning is complete and all images needed have been acquired, your IV will be removed.

After a CT exam, you can return to your normal activities. If you received contrast material, you may be given special instructions.

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