RAO – A Trusted Clinical Partner for Outstanding Diagnostic Care

Our Board Certified radiologists, experienced clinicians and trained clerical staff work in concert to ensure that you and your patients always receive the most accurate diagnostic imaging and interventional services available. Our doctors will work directly with your practice, providing collaborative analyses and treatment staging whenever needed. Our privileges at all Marion County hospitals and Bayfront Health Seven Rivers in Citrus County, and lightning-fast PACS image and report transmission and digital storage make RAO a partner you and your patients can count on.

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Authorizations and Order Forms

Get immediate access to diagnostic testing and authorization forms, a list of our insurance providers, and more. If you prefer to have forms delivered to your office, please contact us at info@raocala.com or call 352-671-4234 and specify which forms you need and we will deliver them to you within two business days.

Same Day Biopsies

Women presenting with a breast lump, a suspicious screening mammogram or another sign indicating the possible presence of breast cancer deserve quick answers. Physicians who refer patients to RAO for a follow-up diagnostic mammogram can inform patients that if their diagnostic exam is deemed to be abnormal, they can receive a breast biopsy the very same day*, for a rapid diagnosis and, when warranted, accelerated treatment.
*Click here to read the specifics.

Picture Archiving and Communication System

Review features, installation instructions and the user guide for the Synapse PACS system, a web-based program for immediate transfer of patient images & reports.

To request access to these systems, please read, complete and sign the Confidentiality Agreement and then either fax the completed form to: 352-671-4396 or email to: it@raocala.com

Questions or problems regarding this website or these systems should be directed to it@raocala.com or call 352-401-3242.