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The Parathyroid 4D-CT Scan – For Quick, Accurate Discovery

The best detection is early detection, and the best diagnostic tool for the early discovery of parathyroid disease is the 4D-CT, a specialized four-dimensional imaging system that can discover abnormal parathyroid glands and tumors smaller than a grain of rice. Performed with or without contrast dye, 4D-CT delivers amazing clarity of the parathyroid glands as well as lesions, abnormal positioning and other irregularities, even in their earliest stages. “In as little as 5 minutes, this highly sensitive scan can spot parathyroid problems other imaging scans can miss,” says radiologist Dr. Fredric Wollett. “4D-CT can help patients avoid exploratory surgery in …

Computed Tomography of the Abdomen/Pelvis

Computed Tomography, also called a CT or “CAT scan,” is an accurate, noninvasive diagnostic test in which a series of exceptionally thin (5mm) images are taken of internal organs, soft tissues and blood vessels. CT’s ability to capture fine details makes it especially helpful when examining organs in the abdominal region, including the liver, kidneys, upper areas of the small and large intestines, pancreas, stomach, adrenal glands and spleen, and the pelvis, which houses the lower small and large intestines, bladder, sigmoid colon and prostate gland in men.  Doctors refer patients to have an abdominal or pelvic CT in …


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