What is breast MRI?

Breast MRI is a supplemental tool used in conjunction with mammography and ultrasound to detect and stage breast cancer and other breast abnormalities.

Will breast MRI take the place of a screening mammogram?

No. Breast MRI does not take the place of a screening mammogram. Mammography is very sensitive in detection of micro calcifications; an early sign of cancer. (These could be missed by MRI). Breast MRI is best used to provide additional information, including: diagnosis of breast implant ruptures, staging of breast cancer and treatment planning, post-surgery and post-radiation follow-up, dense breast tissue evaluation, and monitoring high risk patients, such as those with a family history of breast cancer.

What are the benefits of breast MRI?

MRI has been shown to detect small breast lesions that could be missed by mammography, especially in dense breast. In addition, MRI provides clear and detailed images of the soft tissue, making breast MRI a valuable tool in evaluation of the extent of disease.

How do I know if breast MRI is the right exam for me?

Your physician or our radiologists will determine if you would benefit from a breast MRI.

Where is breast MRI offered?

Radiology Associates of Ocala, P.A. offers breast MRI at the Medical Imaging Center.

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