What is a CT (or “Cat Scan”)?

Commonly known as a “Cat Scan,” CT stands for Computed Tomography, a non-invasive medical test that uses cross-sectional images to create a nearly 3-D view of a specific area or system inside the body. The CT scanner has a large ring and an x-ray tube that rotates 360 degrees around the area being studied, taking multiple pictures, or slices, in just seconds. The slices are sent to a computer screen to form a composite image that can be sent immediately to your doctor and produced as a hard copy for in-depth examination.

What kind of CT scanners does RAO offer?

Radiology Associates uses only helical CTs, which provide enhanced image quality and greater detection capabilities with less radiation exposure than conventional CT. And we are proud to announce that RAO’s Medical Imaging Center now features the newest, most advanced CT technology available, the 64-slice CT, with four times the number of detectors to produce the sharpest, quickest composite image with the least possible radiation dose. It is a true breakthrough in CT imaging.

When necessary to get a more accurate picture, an injectable contrast agent may be administered to clarify organs and structures that might not be seen otherwise. Contrast agent may or may not be needed in your particular case.

What does CT provide that other imaging procedures don’t?

Unlike other imaging methods, CT scanning offers detailed, nearly 3-D views of many types of tissue, including the lungs, bones, soft tissues and blood vessels.

Where is CT offered?

At Radiology Associates of Ocala, CT is offered at two convenient locations: Medical Imaging Center and TimberRidge Imaging Center.

What to Expect

During the exam, you will lie on a table, and it will slowly move in order for the x-ray to image the entire area. You will be asked not to move, and to hold your breath while each x-ray picture is taken. CT scanning causes no pain, and with CT, the need to lie still for any length of time is reduced.

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