Artificial Intelligence’s Effects on Radiology & Patient Care

Artificial Intelligence is Here

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a broad term used to reference how computers process and interpret data. “Like humans, computers can misunderstand information,” says John S. Scales, MD. “Therefore, radiologists must use AI with exceptional understanding and care so that it is able to enhance patient care instead of compromising it.”

“Productive use of AI requires that we use it to balance our findings, not direct them,” says radiologist John Scales, MD. “As radiologists, it is our duty to authenticate the data provided by computers and verify its accuracy. To that end, we routinely monitor and test our technologies to make sure they’re functioning optimally, stay on top of updates as they occur, and maintain ongoing education through every technology change and evolution.”

“We believe that a sensible and studied combination of artificial and human intelligence creates the highest level of accuracy, speed and ethical service to patients,” says Scales. "AI is a new and exciting tool in the field of radiology to help advance and aid in diagnosis and patient care."