Taking an Active Role in Your Ongoing Health

Edward Todd, PA

Edward Todd, PA

Maintaining your health over the long haul is about more than seeing a doctor when you’re sick – it’s also about taking care for yourself. Making efforts to eat better and get enough sleep and exercise are important steps in the right direction. Also important is knowing which diagnostic testing and interventional treatments might be right for you.

“Routine screening exams should be used to discover disease early, when it is most easily treated,” says Edward Todd, PA. “Screening exams like 3D mammography and interventional treatments for problems like varicose veins don’t require a doctor’s referral – you can simply call us for an appointment. Other diagnostic services encourage you to partner with your clinician in early discovery of disease. Tests like the Axumin scan to capture the early recurrence of cancer in men who have been treated for prostate cancer, DEXA bone density testing for people at elevated risk of fracture, and low-dose computed tomography screening for people with a higher risk of lung cancer require a clinician’s referral, so talk to your healthcare provider if you have questions based on your health, age, habits and history. You and your clinician can decide together if there are tests you should pursue to help protect yourself now and going forward.”

By taking steps to get crucial answers and treatments whenever appropriate, you can do a lot to help ensure your life is long and robust.

Disclaimer: Please ask your clinician if you are a candidate for and may benefit from having any referral-required test. Your insurance will pay for only those services your clinician determines are necessary and reasonable.